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Having an Effective Quiet Time With God

Morning Quiet Time


If you are too busy to be alone with the Lord, you are too busy.  Food gives your body the sustenance it needs and  the soul food that you devour during your quiet time gives you supernatural strength.  Therefore, make the time to tap into God‘s power by making time for God

The elements of an effective quiet time with God:

1. Silence.  Choose a time of day when you can be alone with no distractions.  Set aside a definite hour for your quiet time, and make a commitment to stick to your daily schedule of prayer and meditation.  Your quiet time may come late at night, or you may have to set your alarm clock and get up an hour earlier each day.  Do whatever works best for you, so that you can give God your best – Silence will soon become a pleasant habit you look forward to each day.

2. Situate.  Choose a place in your home to be your prayer place.  It could be a walk-in closet, your kitchen table, or the living room.  Go to the same place every day and put yourself in a place where you can be alone with God.

3. Study.  The purpose of quiet time is to get to know God and His plan for your life.  As a result, you cannot get to know Him unless you are regularly receiving from His Word.  Find the Bible translation that is right for you, and do not be caught up in the “right way” to read (Genesis to Revelation, or random passages).

4. Honor.  Give God the glory He deserves.  In your quiet time, you are before the throne of the great I Am. Praise Him and glorify His name as the Spirit leads in prayer, song, or recitation of Bible verses, as you give honor to God.

5. Humble.  Humbly seek God’s face.  Bring all of your cares to Him for His answers and direction.  Speak to God as you would to a loving father. Then, lay out your concerns.  You do not need to clean yourself up to go to Jesus.  He accepts you just as you are.

6. Heed.  After you have poured out your concerns to God, be quiet and listen to that small inner voice.  Since God is not the author of confusion, He will give you positive direction.  Look for them as He speaks.

7. Exclaim.  A Quiet time is a time of encouragement and rejuvenation.  As you experience a greater closeness to God, and an answer to your prayers, share what you have learned about from God by sharing God’s Word with others.

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To Pray or Not To Pray – The Spiritual Connection to God

Prayer is the languageAre you preparing for God to send spiritual awakening or accepting spiritual apathy? It seems that we are living in a time when moral decay and spiritual apathy have overtaken many and destroyed any hope of things getting better. I want to remind you that two thousand years ago, when Jesus was crucified, the world had just experienced its darkest moment. The world had just rejected Jesus and nailed Him to a cross. For the disciples, it seemed as if the world had come to an end and all of their hopes were dashed into pieces.

It was in the midst of that darkness that Jesus appeared to His disciples and reassured their hopes and dreams. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He told His disciples, “… tarry in Jerusalem until you are endued with power.” Jesus was telling His disciples that they needed to prepare for a time of spiritual awakening. These people spent forty day in an upper room praying. When the Holy Spirit began to move Peter stood up and said that this was predicted by the prophet Joel.

Why is it that we need to pray?

We need to pray because prayer is a reminder that God is in control of what we cannot control. When we pray it is an open confession that we believe that God is greater than the problems of our world.

We need to pray because there are things that we cannot do without God’s assistance. Think of the challenges that you are facing in your life. When we pray about these issues God empowers us to face these issues with an inner confidence. Prayer reminds me of my insufficiency and God’s sufficiency. We need to pray because we are going to face opposition in life. The scripture constantly reminds us of the adversarial work of Satan and the opposition of evil men to the work of the gospel. We need to pray because God is the only one who change the outcomes of life. Many times we do not know what the future will hold or what the outcomes of life will bring.

When we pray, we are asking God to take charge of the future and saying that we trust Him with whatever it brings.

Jesus told his disciples to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. It is God’s will for spiritual awakening to come. One of the great hindrances to God moving is the absence of corporate and private prayer among God’s people. In the church we sing for an hour until we can get to spiritual enough to listen to an hour of preaching that produces nothing lasting.

In the early church they prayed 50 days preached for a few minutes and the result was 5000 being saved, the church was inaugurated, and the world was changed.

It seems that that our theology should include some knee-ology. It is apparent that modern churches and thinking is engulfed with a sense of pride and arrogance that says we are helping God with method-ology that is infused with a powerless anthropocentric view of the God achieves His purposes through the church.

The fact is that God does not need our help in accomplishing His will. He demands our devotion, worship, and obedience. Not to the commands and tradition of men, but to, “the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.”

Individuals by choice choose to be a part of powerless, problem apathy that enables a crippled system of delivery that is political, sociological, psychological …. Or submitting to the sovereignty of God and the Lordship of Christ and making a commitment to be an active part of solution to the need for spiritual awakening in the church. The real question is: what are you willing to do to see change happen for the best in the life of the body of Christ?

James says, “The fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous man availed much…”

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